Wedding Flowers 101: Your Wedding Floral Design Journey

​​​​If you're new here, welcome! ​We are continuing this week with​ Wedding Flowers 101, a ​weekly series of ​info, tools, and tips for couples, including many of my couples' most frequently asked questions.​ ​Planning a wedding can feel like having a second job on top of the one you already have​, and many couples don't know where to begin when it comes to wedding floral design. So ​if you are new to the process, I wanted to demystify the wedding flower journey so that you have some milestones you can easily refer to.​ ​

A chair arrangement of local flowers lines the aisle at this Seattle farm wedding. ​​

​Here are the 8 main stages of your wedding floral journey:

Stage 1: Develop a Vision. ​This is the most fun part of wedding planning! In this stage you are dreaming about your wedding floral design, thinking about your likes and dislikes, and finding inspiration from others.

Stage 2: Outline Your Priorities. Sit down as a couple and determine what your biggest wedding priorities are, and where you might have room to negotiate, including what flowers are most important to you. This should definitely happen before you put down any deposits!

Stage 3: Set Your Budget. With your list of priorities in hand, you're empowered to set your budget in a way that makes sense to you as a couple. I know pricing in this industry is opaque, but you can easily search what the average couple spends on wedding floral design in your area to get a ballpark. 

Stage 4: Shop for a Designer: Think about your needs​ and what flowers are most important to you, and then make a short list of floral designers whose work you admire. Viewing each designer's ​​portfolio is key here! 

Stage 5: Attend Initial Consultations. ​Meet with a designer whose work you love, AND who you immediately click with. You are building a team, so make sure you hire people who will go to bat for you!​​​

Stage 6: Book Your Designer: Once you have found the right magical person, and you have a proposal you are happy with, you can cross wedding ​flowers​ off your list!

Stage 7: (Design Work). This is where designers work behind the scenes in the months leading up to your wedding to make sure it is a huge success.

Stage 8: Your Wedding Day! Time for that vendor research, consultation time, and design work to pay off!

​I wanted to introduce these stages here, because the rest of Wedding Flowers 101 will follow this journey through each stage. Each week we will tackle a piece of this so that you have all of the information you need to find the wedding floral designer of your dreams. ​

If you'd like to read ​more ​about each stage of the process, including a typical timeline for each milestone, ​you can get the full, free PDF that is too big to ​put here! It includes ​​detailed info ​on each stage, as well as a guide to how many months prior to your wedding each stage should occur. That way, you can see whether you are on track to get your wedding floral design booked in time.  Just enter your info below, so we know where to send it.

Next week, we will start ​​our deep dive into developing your vision, ​including ways to get inspired​. ​And if there are other questions you would like to see answered, please leave a comment below! And ​whenever you are ready to talk about your wedding, you can read about our approach to weddings and​ ​book a consultation here​!

​Hoping you are all cozy and warm this week as we get the snow here in Seattle! Till next time!

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