By Carolyn

March 11, 2020

​So far, we have talked about developing your vision, how to outline your priorities, and how to think about what pieces you might need. This week, we are shifting gears to talk about budgeting. But before we start talking about ​how ​to budget, I wanted to openly address something with y'all: ​​​ wedding flowers are f*@^king expensive!!  ​​Sometimes, couples ​have no idea what wedding flowers should cost, and are ​​afraid to ask. ​​​​So this week, ​we are going to answer ​the questions ​they might be ​thinking once we start talking about pricing: "Why are wedding flowers so expensive? Is there a 'wedding tax?' ​Are ​we getting ripped off?" If you are asking these questions, don't worry! You deserve to know where your cash is going, and my goal t​his week is to give you the answers you've been looking for.

a pastel bridal bouquet of dahlias for wedding flowers

​To answer that last question, no, you are ​​probably not ​being ripped off. There are a lot of reasons why wedding flowers are so expensive, both in the industry at large, and in my ​business in particular. ​Here are the top 5 reasons ​​​​why wedding flowers are so f*@^king expensive:​​​

  1. Floral Design Is Art: You are ​commissioning custom artwork​! Materials cost money, and we can't stay in business without compensation for our craft.
  2. We Respect The True Cost of Flowers: Cheap flowers are not really "cheap" if they pollute waterways and exploit workers. In my business, sourcing flowers ethically means a higher price, which I am happy to pay. ​My customers are happy about it, too. This is also why I am a proud member of Slow Flowers​!
  3. We Select The Most Perfect Stems: Only the highest quality flowers pass through my shop for wedding clients. Those tend to be​ the most expensive blooms, and they take extra love (labor) to keep them happy for your wedding day.
  4. It's Much More Than Design: I love this gig and I am not complaining! But the job is ​much more than ​playing with flowers. It also involves talking to clients, ​pricing, purchasing, delivering, unloading, setting up, ​and tearing down. (In my business, it also means ​farming flowers that are custom-grown for my clients!)
  5. There Is No Room For Error: We get no do-overs, so no matter what happens the day of your wedding, we have to be ready to fix it. This means extra flowers, tools, zip ties, ladders, ​and humans all have to be brought to the venue. It adds up!
​I hope this at least ​begins to answer the unspoken question, "Why are wedding flowers so expensive?!" ​I've developed a longer guide to ​why wedding flowers are so expensive, which has examples from my ​own business.  And if you are wondering what I mean when I say "expensive," ​we also talk about some ballpark ​averages for the Seattle area and my business in particular. ​I'd love to share this resource with you, especially if you are just starting to budget! Just enter your info below, so we know where to send it.

​Next week, we will talk more about demystifying floral pricing​. This will definitely help you know what to expect ​before you start contacting floral designers​. If there are other questions you would like to see answered, please leave a comment below! And ​whenever you are ready to talk about your wedding, you can read about our approach to weddings and​ ​book a consultation here​!

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