Wedding Floral Pricing

March 18


By Carolyn

March 18, 2020

​Last week's blog post tackled the ​unspoken question: "Why are wedding flowers so expensive?" ​​If you haven't checked it out yet, definitely start there! ​But this week, I wanted to take this a step further and give you a peek behind the curtain. ​Most clients have no idea how much to ​budget for flowers​, or what is included in wedding floral pricing. ​And since every wedding is different, we floral designers hesitate to post price lists. So this week, ​I will share some of the costs that may be wrapped up in the pricing​. ​Let's dig in!

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​Here are a few of the things you should know about ​before ​you start getting proposals from florists.

​What expenses are reflected in pricing? ​Your $200 centerpiece will obviously cover flowers and ​the time your florist spends working on it. However, it ​also covers ​a tiny fraction of our overhead expenses. Those expenses include things like operating costs and marketing.

​Industry standards. ​​Successful floral designers ​charge prices that reflect the cost of goods, a share of the overhead, and ​​pay for ourselves. This is the industry standard​. We cannot stay in business if we are not earning ​any take-home pay!

What does "full service floral" mean? ​​Think about it like ​an all-inclusive ​​resort package, except for ​wedding florals. It ​includes the designs and rentals, ​delivery, ​setup, moving things from ceremony to reception, ​and cleaning up.​​​​ ​However...

​Pricing structures vary! ​Every florist structures her wedding floral pricing differently. Some florists account for "​full service floral" in their pricing, and look more expensive. Others break out things like delivery and design fees as line items. They may end up being the same price, just structured differently!​​​​​​ ​

​If you are interested in learning more about exactly ​how ​wedding floral pricing works, ​take a look at this week's PDF! ​It contains detailed information on floral pricing structures​. It also ​includes my biggest tip for couples​, in all caps--can't miss it! ​You will also learn about ​a surprising cost that ​​many f​lorists do not include in their ​initial proposals. To get all of these tips ​​​on wedding floral pricing, just enter your info below, so we know where to send it.

​Wedding floral pricing can be really confusing, so please comment here if you have any questions. Or, if you have any other questions you want answered, leave a comment below! Next week, we will start talking about ways to stay within your budget. And ​whenever you ​start thinking about your wedding, you can read ​some reviews from my couples​ over on WeddingWire​ and book a consultation here!

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