By Carolyn

May 13, 2020

​Last week, we covered wedding floral consultations,​ ​and ​what your florist​ will cover with you. ​However, these consultations are also the ​perfect opportunity ​to ​get all of your own questions answered! ​​What do you need to know before moving forward in the process? And what should you make sure ​to ask? This week, you'll get tips and a free printable checklist of questions to ask your florist​! 

​First, ​my biggest tip: use the consultation to make sure you "click" with your florist! When you choose vendors for your wedding, you are building a team. Essentially, you are "interviewing" people who will ​make your wedding day ​a smashing success. Making sure y'all are on the same page is so crucial! You should feel like your concerns are being heard by your potential florist, and that they have your back. ​If you are not feeling those things, you should keep looking. 

​So what questions should you ask your florist ​during the consultation? First, make sure you cover any special requests. Those requests could ​​be anything from specific flower choices to donating flowers at the end of your wedding. ​In addition, you ​want to ​ask about their experience​ and working style. You ​should also cover finer details about what will or won't be included in the proposal. As we've discussed in previous ​posts, ​no two florists ​structure their proposals the exact same way. This is especially true for things like setup, delivery, and teardown. ​T​o know what you're getting, you'll need to ​​dig a little deeper!

This week's free​ resource includes ​a huge checklist of questions to ask your florist during your ​consultation! ​It is formatted so you can print it and take it with you to your meeting. To get the full checklist, just enter your info below so I can ​email it to you.

​Next week, we will ​talk more about wedding floral proposals. We'll ​dissect all the sections you can expect in a customized floral proposal​. We will also talk about some things to look out for as you prepare to book. As always, let me know if you have questions I can help answer​. And if you are currently looking for a florist, check out the WeddingWire Storefront ​or just get in touch!

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