By Carolyn

July 21, 2021

A bride and groom stand in a trail, surrounded by ferns and mossy trees

This week, we are celebrating April & Sean’s 1-year anniversary with a look back at their beautiful mountain wedding! These two had always planned to elope in the mountains with a small group of friends and family. Luckily, 2020 didn’t change their plans very much! Their beautiful mountain wedding captured our glorious Seattle summers, when we all find excuses to escape to the trails. With stunning backdrops that included mossy forests, snowy mountain peaks, and grassy fields, this elopement highlights the best landscapes of the Pacific Northwest.

a bride and groom stand on a mountaintop, smiling after celebrating their elopement


April and Sean gave us so much creative leeway with these florals! We had a few inspiration images that included succulents and peachy tones, but otherwise we were free to capture the magic of summer. We wanted to create a lush, garden-inspired bouquet and personal flowers that felt romantic and vibrant. Additionally, April’s dress was stunning, so we had to make sure the bouquet did it justice!

A couple kissing and holding a summer bridal bouquet full of vibrant summer flowers in peach and mauve tones

We also wanted to use only local flowers, since so many beautiful things are blooming this time of year. You can see the best of local summer flowers in these arrangements, including local garden roses, delicate poppies, early dahlias, and fragrant sweet peas. We loved how the colorful arrangements provided a delightful contrast with the moody greens, blues, and whites of the Pacific Northwest scenery.

a bride and groom embrace in front of a mountainside lake
a bride walks through the forest with her summer bouquet


April and Sean started their day with a fun lunch at a brewery with family and friends. Later, they traveled to a positively magical cabin in the woods, where they started to get ready for their ceremony.

a family having a casual lunch at a brewery picnic table
a beer sitting on a table at Twin Sisters brewery
a beautiful A-frame cabin in the woods

I love these touching photos of Sean’s mom helping him pin his boutonniere, and April’s smart choice of duck boots for the hike in her wedding dress!

a mom helping a man pin a boutonniere for his wedding day
a black and white photo of a bride wearing duck boots under her wedding dress


April and Sean decided to have a first look before their ceremony, which turned out beautifully. The mossy, sun-dappled forest provided the perfect backdrop for this tender moment.

a groom adjusts his cufflinks in the woods while he waits for his bride
a bride in the forest holding her bouquet and approaching her groom from behind for a first look
a bride and groom having their first look in the forest
a bride and groom having their first look in the forest
a bride and groom walk together in the woods, holding the bridal bouquet

The spectacular peach, mauve, and blush flowers stand out next to all of the ferns and trees. These photos feel so iconic and thoroughly Pacific Northwest!

a bride and groom kissing in the forest
a bride and groom embracing in a forest setting


After their first look, April and Sean headed to their mountain wedding ceremony. This stunning overlook had it all: forest, mountains, and even snow fields!

a sweeping landscape vista with mountains, forest, and a lake view
a sweeping mountain lanscape full of snow fields

April added a chic fur wrap to withstand the chilly temperature at the summit. She also touched up her lipstick and looked like a movie star doing it!

a bride in a fur wrap at a mountain summit with snow in the background, with sunglasses on and applying lipstick

Their closest friends and family gathered on the mountaintop to celebrate together. It was such a sweet moment with the perfect mountain wedding backdrop. 

a mountain wedding ceremony with family and friends gathered
a bride and groom walk away from the mountain wedding ceremony, newly married!

They took some gorgeous pictures together at an overlook. Afterwards, they experienced an incredible sunset together, and headed back to the cabin for a fun celebration with their family and friends.

a bride and groom stand together smiling with a mountain backdrop
the bride and groom hiking to their next mountain elopement destination
a bride and groom embracing on a mountaintop smiling
a bride and groom walk together on a trail in front of a mountaintop lake, celebrating their elopement
a bride and groom embrace in front of a lake at sunset, with a mountain in the background


There are so many beautiful summer flowers in July, when everything suddenly catapults into bloom! And actually, this bouquet could only have been created in July. It’s the only month where the last local spring blooms like poppies and sweet peas are available alongside true summer flowers like dahlias.

a bridal bouquet full of garden roses, poppies, cosmos, astilbe, dahlias, and raspberry and blueberry greens

We know it can be difficult to know what flowers are in season, or to identify what flowers you like in a photo. (Your florist should definitely be able to help you with this!!) Take a look at the list of blooms we used to create this gorgeous summer bouquet for April and Sean’s mountain wedding:

  • Astilbe
  • Clary sage
  • Dahlias
  • Garden roses
  • Cosmos
  • Spray roses
  • Succulents
  • Sweet peas
  • Raspberry and blueberry foliage

We sourced all of these flowers from local farms or our own gardens, and they were all grown sustainably. We love supporting our local farmers – especially when they give us such incredible materials to work with!

a closeup of the summer wedding flowers including astilbe, garden roses, dahlias, and cosmos


We know it can feel overwhelming to plan a wedding - especially in the time of COVID. It is our job to make you feel confident, empowered, and excited about your floral and event design! We love worrying about all of the details so that you don't have to. If you are ready to get your time and energy back, so you can actually enjoy your engagement, let's talk about your designs! You can click below to inquire and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. We can't wait to meet you!


Floral Design: Folk Art Flowers | @folkartflowers

Photography: Between the Pine | @betweenthepine

Dress: BHLDN | @bhldn

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