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July 28, 2021

The best July wedding flowers in the Pacific Northwest

Locally grown SUMMER wedding flowers for JULY

We know that the details of wedding planning can quickly get overwhelming - especially when it comes to choosing flowers! There are so many beautiful flowers and inspiration images, but how are you supposed to know what is blooming when?! After a full season of flower farming in 2020, we love helping clients know exactly what to expect. We love talking about seasonal and local flowers, so this week, we wanted to share some of our favorite locally grown flowers for July weddings! Weddings in July have some of the first true summer flowers, and it's always fun to have a new crop to play with! Here are some of the best wedding flowers for July weddings, in our experience.


white dahlias on a wooden potting bench

Let's be real, Seattleites love dahlias! They grow so well here that most home gardeners have dahlia plants in their yard. Commercially, some of the biggest tuber producers in the world can be found in our region! Dahlias are a very popular choice for wedding flowers in July, due to the wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes available. There are no blue dahlias, but otherwise, the sky is the limit. You can always find several dahlia varieties that work beautifully for every wedding color palette! One caveat: July is a tricky month for dahlias, because sometimes they don't bloom "on time." Usually, late July is a safe bet for early season dahlias. But with this year's heat wave in June, literally all of the plants have fallen behind. Today, I still only have ONE dahlia blooming, lol. Fittingly, the variety is named "Seattle." Here she is, in all her solitary glory!

a lone dahlia bloom in a sea of dahlia plants


pink garden roses being held against a white wall, fresh from the garden
a blush colored garden rose in a wedding centerpiece for an indoor Seattle wedding

We will never stop our obsession with garden roses! Garden roses are the perfect wedding flowers for July, since they add stunning style, grace, and beauty to any wedding arrangement. We love the way they add softness and fullness to bouquets and centerpieces, and the swirly, kinetic petals in the center. They are the perfect flower for summer weddings, since garden roses in the Pacific Northwest usually start blooming in May, and continue to bloom throughout the summer. Right now, many folks are getting a "second flush" of these beauties! These are also some of the most expensive wedding flowers on the market, but they are totally worth the splurge! The photo below (by Between the Pine) shows how they can look in a July wedding bouquet next to dahlias, cosmos, and other locally grown July flowers. Swoon. 

a closeup of the summer wedding flowers including astilbe, garden roses, dahlias, and cosmos


summer flowers dahlia foxglove cosmos flatlay seattle weddings seattle wedding florist best wedding florist seattle seattle wedding flowers seattle floral design seattle floral designer seattle florist cosmos white

We love cosmos for their delicate, bouncy, fun personalities! They can make any bouquet or arrangement seem a little bit more wild and delicate. They typically start blooming in June, but really take off in July with the heat! They are such a favorite wedding flower for July, and the pollinators love them. (Often, you can find bees asleep on the petals in the morning. Just another benefit of organically grown flowers!) We also love that they come in white as well as more nuanced blushy tones. These cosmos "apricot lemonade" are the perfect color to tie together blush, mauve, and sherbet yellow within the same palette. We love how sophisitcated, airy, and light cosmos can look in July wedding arrangements.

summer flowers dahlia foxglove cosmos flatlay seattle weddings seattle wedding florist best wedding florist seattle seattle wedding flowers seattle floral design seattle floral designer seattle florist cosmos apricot lemonade


a bridal bouquet full of garden roses, poppies, cosmos, astilbe, dahlias, and raspberry and blueberry greens

Do you see the frilly, blush tapered flower on the right of this photo? It has lots of little side arms and then ends in a point? That's astilbe! In all honestly, we don't have many great photos of astilbe, because it's only available locally for literally two weeks! It has such a short season, which makes it all the more precious to floral designers. Of course, we use it as much as we can while it is in season! Its frilly, delicate spray makes such a romantic addition to July wedding flowers. We love how astilbe softens other elements of an arrangement and makes everything look so delicate.


bridal bouquet wedding flowers wedding bouquet bride seattle bride seattle weddings seattle wedding florist seattle wedding flowers seattle floral design

Sweet peas might be considered more of a "house flower" than a wedding flower. Their stems can be short, they don't last very long, and they can be high maintenance to grow. But their fragrance is indescribably wonderful, and for that reason alone, we love to tuck them into July wedding flowers! We also love that sweet peas come in such a wide variety of colors, from blues to reds to everything in between. Some of them are streaked, or fade into other colors, like the ones you see below. Their ruffly delicate blooms add instant romance and softness to any floral arrangement. And we often also use the viny bits to add interesting foliage to arrangements, because each vine has these most delicate, perfect tendrils. We can't get enough of these beauties!

summer flowers dahlia foxglove cosmos flatlay seattle weddings seattle wedding florist best wedding florist seattle seattle wedding flowers seattle floral design seattle floral designer seattle florist sweet peas


a textured color study of purple, blue, and green flowers including peas, artichokes, cosmos, sweet peas, dahlias ,and blueberries

Okay, yes, this is sort of vague. But just LOOK at all the cool stuff you can find and forage in July! There are all sorts of wonderful textures available to us, including things like blueberries, pea pods, and artichokes. Ferns and scabiosa grow during July, and one variety of scabiosa creates these amazing geometric grey pods. July is the perfect month to find beautiful textural treasures that you have never seen before, and incorporate them into gorgeous wedding flowers! 


Your florist should know what flowers are locally available and in season for your wedding month. (And if they cannot answer this…RUN!) After a full season of flower farming in 2020, we are more dedicated to local flowers than ever, especially as we continue to witness COVID’s impacts on the global supply chain. During the pandemic, florists relying on cheap imported flowers have routinely been forced to scramble, substitute, and use inferior products due to these issues. Prioritizing local flowers means that we can always make sure our clients have the best of what is available that season, that month, or even that week! And we work closely with dozens of our farm friends to make sure we can execute your vision beautifully and ethically.


We know wedding planning can be overwhelming, with so many flower choices and inspo images. That’s why we love helping our couples articulate their vision so they can have the wedding of their dreams, and give their guests an experience they won’t forget. And our books are now open for July weddings in 2022! If you are ready to have the lowest stress you can possibly have when it comes to flowers, let's chat! You can click below to inquire and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. We can't wait to meet you!

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