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October 20


By Carolyn

October 20, 2021



If you're reading this, I'm guessing you have been searching for a florist, comparing reviews, looking at websites, and booking consultations. But how do you prepare for a consultation? What should you make sure you cover? And what do you need to know before moving forward? In this post, I want to help you know exactly what questions to ask your florist. Some of these questions are part of your homework, as a way to prep for your wedding floral consultation. Other questions you may need to ask each florist directly. But all of these are things we make sure to cover with our clients before moving forward with booking.

how to prepare for a floral consultation

Your first set of questions includes items that can usually be answered by research online. Before your floral consultation, you should get very familiar with your florist's portfolio, reviews, and overall aesthetic. You can find this info on their website, review sites like The Knot and WeddingWire, and on social media like Instagram. What kind of work are they putting out into the world or promoting? Do they care about sustainability? Can you trust them to execute your vision? What are other couples saying about what it's like to work with them? These are all REALLY important questions, but only you will be able to tell whether they seem like a good fit for you. So please, do a little homework so that you know - before ever meeting - that you feel good about moving forward. If you don't like what they are all about, don't waste your time meeting with them!


First, my biggest tip: use the consultation to make sure you "click" with your florist! When you choose vendors for your wedding, you are building a team. Essentially, you are "interviewing" people who will make your wedding day a smashing success. Making sure y'all are on the same page is so crucial! You should feel like your concerns are being heard by your potential florist, and that they have your back. It should be a fun and exciting process, where you can bounce ideas off of each other and talk candidly. We do this work because we are excited to bring your vision to life! If you are not feeling those vibes, you should keep looking. 


We often work with our clients for more than a year during the wedding planning process. COVID has only lengthened this timeline. In fact, we have a wedding next week that has been moved three times! So, make sure you understand what to expect when working together. Is this person someone you will enjoy working with, even in stressful moments? Here are some questions that will help you understand whether this will be a good working relationship:

  • How does this florist like to work with their clients?
  • What communication methods do they like to use?
  • Do they have a specific process that you will go through, so you know what to expect in every stage? 
  • Who are their favorite clients to work with?
  • What is their favorite floral style to work with?
  • Are these answers aligned with what YOU want?


The consultation and booking process are an excellent opportunity to ask about some of the more logistical details. This might include special requests, what to expect when they send a proposal, or how to get more clarification. No two florists structure their proposals the exact same way. This is especially true for things like setup, delivery, and teardown. To know what you're getting, you'll need to dig a little deeper! Here are some questions about the details and next steps:

  • Can they honor any special requests you have? (For example: specific flower choices, taking flowers home, or donating them?)
  • Do they offer rentals or other services besides florals?
  • Will delivery, setup, teardown, and rental dropoff/pick-up be included in your proposal?
  • Are there limitations on contract changes, additional meetings, or other extras?
  • What is required to hold your date?
  • Do they have a minimum? What do couples typically invest for their services?
  • What does a typical payment schedule look like?
  • What are the next steps?


Lastly, I want to share three questions that might change your mind. Imagine this: your floral consultation is going wonderfully, every question ticks your boxes, and you are basically ready to book. But one of these questions might reveal that this is NOT the person you want working for you!

We have put together a FREE printable that has all of the questions above, plus these three critical questions included! It is formatted so you can print it and have it with you for any floral consultation. To get the full printable list, just enter your info below so I can email it to you.

I hope this has been a helpful post! As always, post in the comments if you have other questions we can help answer. And if you are currently looking for a wedding florist, in Seattle or for a destination wedding, you can inquire here

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  1. My younger sister is getting married at the end of August and she needs to choose her flower arrangements. Thank you for stating how it is crucial to feel that a potential florist is taking your concerns seriously. I will share this suggestion with my sister so she can find the perfect florist for her wedding.

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