​Hi, I'm Carolyn! I own Folk Art Flowers, a boutique floral design studio and flower farm​. I am so delighted to bring people joy through local, sustainable, and beautiful flowers. And I'm excited you're here!

​Folk Art Flowers specializes in weddings and events, using the most stunning local flowers ​​to tell your story.  We also offer a flower subscription service from our farm to your table, other special arrangements, and wearable flowers. ​You can find all of that over on the shop!


When I started Folk Art Flowers, I had spent most of my career working in global health. Early on, I did Peace Corps, which was incredible mostly because I got to hang outside and work with farmers all day.  ​Over the next decade, ​I found myself asking about farms and farmers whenever I traveled: What did they grow there? Who ​were the farmers? What did their season look like?  ​It took me a while, but I ​finally realized that ​​​my ideal job would involve connecting with people and nature.

After moving to Seattle, I joined the Sustainable Farming Education Program at Tilth Alliance, which is a farming incubation program for beginner farmers. I joined a farm to see a full season in action, and started growing flowers in my backyard. I also studied with some amazing ​florists, did a lot of arranging ​to improve my craft,and did full-service flowers for several weddings. (I also joined two bands, which is another story!) After this wonderful incubation period of creativity and learning, I finally decided to start Folk Art Flowers.

This is the perfect business for me in so many ways. ​I'm able to help people connect with the beauty of nature, ​help folks celebrate their most meaningful milestones, ​and ​remain in awe of the natural world on a daily basis. I am so excited and grateful to be able to share some of my joy with you by bringing you beautiful, local, and sustainably produced flowers.


​We ​love making beautiful things for weddings, events, ​and special occasions. All of our designs use the most ​luscious, seasonal, and local blooms to tell your story.​ Our style is typically lush and botanical, so we love using ​​lingering vines, ​big full blooms, flowering branches, rich foliage, and ​ethereal, fluttering bits in our ​work.  For event work, we also have a growing collection of rental vases, urns, compotes, and architectural elements like chandeliers​ and archways. For wearable flowers, we are always testing creative new ways to adorn the human body. And we also ​offer full event design if you need creative help from start to finish, ​like designing tablescapes and sourcing other rentals.

​The dream is to grow everything that we ever use in our floral designs! ​But sometimes, we do find that we need to source some things from other growers. ​We have an amazing bunch of growers here in the PNW that also use sustainable farming practices, ​so we try to source from them first. In cases where we cannot source locally, we often look to California growers for things like roses that are produced sustainably and ethically. We will always prioritize local and American-grown flowers due to their higher quality, ethical labor laws, restrictions on pesticide use, and lower carbon footprint.

One last note: all of our floral designs are ​foam-free. Floral foam is a petroleum byproduct which is not biodegradable and must be ​taken to a landfill. In fact, it degrades into microplastic​, which is often washed down the drain and into our ​water.


​​We currently lease two acres of beautiful ​farmland in Carnation, Washington, which is just a ​few miles to the east of Seattle. ​​It's important ​to acknowledge that this land is Coast Salish ​land, ​stolen from the Snoqualmie Tribe, ​whom you can learn more about here. You can support ​them by buying ​items from Eighth Generation, visiting the gorgeous Salish Lodge & Spa, or checking out their casino! ​​Our top priority is stewarding this land for future generations​, which means farming in a sustainable and restorative way.

​The 2020 season is the first full season of farming on this ​incredible land​, which is really exciting! It has been in ​unused pasture grass for a long time, ​so we are slowly ​bringing it back to life. We are growing thousands of beautiful ​plants this year, many of which are custom-grown for our wedding couples. Our ​commitment to sustainability means we use a wide variety of practices to ​preserve this land for future generations. These practices include things like building soil health naturally, avoiding the use of pesticides through integrated pest management, using only organic fertilizers, providing habitat for wildlife and bees, and rotating crops. We are also situated on a salmon stream, so we ​work hard to protect them, too. ​We use a "fish screen" so that baby salmon do not get trapped in irrigation lines​, and apply soil amendments only when there is no risk of leaching into the creek​. ​

We are offering some stems to customers through wholesale channels and the flower bouquet subscription, which is a form of community-supported agriculture, or CSA. You can find CSA options here​, or contact us ​if you are a florist looking for wholesale stems!


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