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My name is Carolyn Kulb, and I’m a floral and event designer for engaged couples who want to create one-of-a-kind, memorable experiences for their wedding guests to be wowed by – without having to stress about it. I support them by listening to their wedding hopes and dreams, empowering them to make bold, creative decisions, and providing a world-class experience and gorgeous design so they can actually enjoy their engagement and wedding day - with zero stress!

I’ve been happily married for 11 years, but I remember the stress, the sleepless nights, and the worries that came with wedding planning. I didn’t know the first thing about catering or floristry, and suddenly I had to become an expert. And I was a graduate student and working – I didn’t have time or energy to take on another project!

Now, COVID has added another layer of stress, frustration, and uncertainty for couples trying to wed right now. To dream is one thing, but making it happen can become a nightmare.

As someone who’s experienced all of this, I LOVE that my job is to give couples their time and energy back. I love to invite couples into the creative process, because your wedding should be a reflection of YOU! And I empower my couples to articulate their dreams, make artistic choices, and embrace all the beauty the world has to offer. I love supporting couples to create weddings full of unforgettable, meaningful experiences for family and friends. And I love that once couples have a trusted creative partner on their team, they are able to relax and enjoy quality time together!

A true work of art. Carolyn is a dream to work with, and the flower arrangements she puts together are even dreamier. Boy Am I glad I took the leap. I LET Carolyn take creative freedom with what & How she pulled together...The RESULTS WERE EXQUISITE.