The Ugly Truth About Wedding Planning: Part 2

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Sadly, Melanie’s case isn’t unusual.

As a professional floral designer, almost every couple I meet with has one thing in common: wedding planning is stressing them the f*&^k out. 

I didn’t realize quite how ugly it was until I read a study from Zola, the wedding registry, about wedding planning stress. Zola surveyed 500 engaged and newly married couples, and the results are not pretty: 

  • 96% of couples called wedding planning stressful (the other 4% must be lying!)
  • 71% of couples thought wedding planning was more nerve-wracking than another major life event like finding a new job or buying a home
  • 43% of couples said wedding planning was putting a strain on their relationship
  • 47% of couples get so stressed that they consider eloping, with 8% wanting to call it off completely

And a full 86% of respondents experienced, on average, 3 or more stress-induced physical symptoms like difficulty sleeping, breakouts, reduced sex drive, headaches, or hair loss.

WOW. Y’all, I knew it was bad, but I did not realize it was this ugly. Couples are literally losing their hair over wedding planning.

And it makes sense! If you are planning a wedding, you have probably never done it before. It’s like taking on another job on top of your existing job, family, and other obligations.

This is not a thing you just wake up knowing how to do. No wonder it’s overwhelming! 

You’re suddenly thrown into the deep end and your mom’s idea of “help” is arguing with you over flower vases.

Before you call the whole thing off, you should know two things:

You're not alone. 

And there is a better way. 

You can get the wedding of your dreams without having a meltdown, alienating your friends and family, or letting the pressure affect your relationship.

No matter what kind of wedding you are planning—yes, even an elopement—you will need help and support.


Don't be a part of the 86%! You can do this without losing your hair!

Not sure how? Maybe what I told Melanie can help you, too. Keep reading.