The Ugly Truth About Wedding Planning: Part 1

“I felt like I was drowning."

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Warning: I am writing this with brutal honesty, on purpose! I'm making no friends by putting this out there. But as a wedding pro, I feel like it needs to be said, so I'm saying it. 

My friend Melanie is a planner and a list-maker. She made straight "A"s when we were growing up, and to no one’s surprise, she was super successful in her career.

And when Melanie got married, I thought I was privy to it all. I heard about her planning for months. 

From venue visits, to wedding invitations, to bouquets, she seemed like she had it all figured out.

Melanie had a list, and she was tackling it. 

She knew what she wanted her wedding day to look like, and was making great progress. 

Until she had a total breakdown.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the stress of wedding planning was slowly eating her alive.

She was having trouble sleeping and eating. She was fighting with her partner and struggling with every decision.

I felt like I was drowning, she told me, crying.

“I couldn’t turn my mind off at night to sleep. Every task was running through my brain, and all I could think about was making the wrong choices. I was in tears every day. What if I screwed up the most important day of my life?"

Melanie showed me the ugly truth about wedding planning: it can be a seriously unhealthy source of stress.

From an early age, we are taught that our wedding day is the most important day of our lives. The pressure to get everything perfect can be debilitating.

In Melanie’s case, the stress was not only hurting her, but straining her relationship.

Melanie felt like she had a million things to do 24/7, and always felt behind.

She had a great vision for her wedding, but was struggling with the decision-making of the details.

She was overwhelmed by all of the choices at her disposal.

And she was absolutely terrified of making the wrong choices.

What if she saw a bouquet she liked more than the one she talked about with the florist? What if the colors were all wrong?

Should she just elope?

Call the whole thing off?

For Melanie, it was too much to handle. 

If you are planning a wedding, that stress is coming for you. 

And it's coming whether you are ready or not. How do I know? Keep reading!