How do flower subscriptions work?

Flower CSA subscriptions are the perfect way to get beautiful, seasonal flowers from the farm to your table. You choose your frequency (weekly, biweekly, or monthly) and pickup location. Currently, CSA flowers are dropped every Tuesday in either Fremont or Carnation. Just select the options that work best for you, and that’s it! All you have to do is pick up your bouquet and enjoy fresh farm flowers in your space. If neither location works for you, please let us know–perhaps you can offer to be a porch “host” for other flower-lovers in your area!

How do I sign up for flower subscriptions as an individual?

First, you should visit our shop to select your subscription options. Once you complete your order, we will drop off your first bouquet as soon as possible, which may be the following Tuesday. That’s it!

How do I sign up for flower subscriptions as a business?

Please send us a message so we can ask you some questions and design your subscription!

Do you deliver? What is your delivery area?

We used to–and then quickly realized that Seattle traffic would require a full-time driver. We do deliver for custom orders, including weddings and events, and some wearable flowers. For our Flower CSA, we drop bouquets in Fremont or Carnation on Tuesdays. If you have a custom order that would require delivery, please send us a message and we can see what we can do!

How will I be billed?

Stripe will collect your credit card information at checkout. We will bill you automatically based on the options you selected at checkout. For example, if you chose weekly flowers, we will bill you weekly. We will continue to bill you automatically unless you modify or cancel your subscription. Changes and cancellations may take up to a week to implement.

I will be out of town, so I won’t get to enjoy my flowers this week. What are my options?

Oh, you have options! First, you can give your  bouquet to a friend, family member, or a charity. In this scenario, we prepare your bouquet as usual, but someone else can pick it up. Second, you can let us know at least a week in advance, and we can pause your subscription for the following week, and you won’t be billed. Whichever option you choose, please make sure you let us know at least a week in advance!

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

Go to your account and log in. Click on “Subscriptions” to view your active subscriptions. From there, you can modify your subscription or update your payment information. Changes and cancellations may take up to a week to implement.

What else should I know?

Subscriptions are for people who want flowers regularly. If you are looking for a one-time arrangement, please get in touch with us for a custom order, where delivery fees will apply. Also, while we will try to keep your flowers safe and happy, Folk Art Flowers cannot be held responsible for anything that happens once flowers are delivered. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us so we can try to make it right! We also have a separate Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions that might help answer other questions you have.