​Weddings & Events

​Weddings and events are magical​ because they bring people together to celebrate ​your unique story​. ​​At Folk Art Flowers, we believe that flowers ​​are the artistic medium through which we can tell ​the most heartfelt stories. ​​​Flowers can reflect a couple's journey together, ​​signify ​​a business's vision​, celebrate a huge milestone, or set the ​stage for an epic party.

Whatever event you are planning, we would love to ​help you tell your story. All of our wedding and event florals are foam-free​​. We use flowers from our own farm or other sustainably-minded local farmers whenever possible. In cases where we cannot source locally, ​we prioritize American-grown flowers. ​

Wedding Florals

​​We approach wedding florals as a way to tell your story as a couple.​ We love getting to know you and discovering what makes you two the perfect pair, what you enjoy doing together, and how you make each other laugh. ​​Through stunning local​ blooms, we can help tell the story of how you connected, how you fell in love, and ​​how you grew together. ​​Your flowers​ should also ​reflect your​ ​vision, style, and personality as a couple. ​​​​We might mirror ​the flow of your dress with luxurious draping vines, or ​​celebrate your ​culture with​ rich floral garlands. We also want to celebrate the uniqueness of the place, time, and season of your wedding. We might highlight an amazing architectural ​feature with beautiful local flowers, or celebrate the ​timing of your wedding with ​ephemeral flowers that only bloom ​​during that week. 

​Every wedding is unique, but all of our weddings use the most beautiful,​ seasonal, and romantic blooms to tell your love story. Our style is typically lush and botanical, so we love using ​​lingering vines, ​big full blooms, flowering branches, rich foliage, and ​ethereal, fluttering bits in our ​work.  We also have a growing collection of rental vases, urns, compotes, and architectural elements like chandeliers, archways, and more. And we ​offer full event design if you need creative help from start to finish, ​like designing tablescapes, sourcing other rentals, and of course, creating floral designs.

​EVENT Florals

​We love doing ​non-wedding events, too! ​We​ love to tell stories through beautiful, local, and seasonal flowers, and we ​love to ​get to know ​your reasons for celebrating​. For individuals, ​we love celebrating big anniversaries, new babies, ​and meaningful birthdays. For corporations and nonprofits, ​​it could be an awards ceremony, gala, product launch, or simply ​a way to ​recognize the hard work of your team​. Whatever your vision is, we would love to help​ make it come to life. We have worked on some amazing events with ​all kinds of themes, so nothing is too out there!

​Our Booking Process​

To start ​the conversation about​ your wedding or event, ​just fill out the ​form below​ ​so we can check your date. ​If we are available, we will set up an initial consultation to discuss your event further and determine what florals, rentals, and event design help you may need. ​We create individualized ​proposals for all of our event work, ​so this discussion is a critical first step. We ​would love to meet you and help tell your story!


​​I could not be happier with Folk Art Flowers!...​When I reached out to Carolyn, ​[I] was incredibly impressed at how prompt her response was, how knowledgeable she was, and her confidence in obtaining the right flowers for my event...The entire process was hassle free! I can't recommend her enough and will be using her for any events in the future! Thanks for everything!

​Karly ​Wedding Client

​Thanks so much for this! I was very happy with the flowers​. But more importantly, so was everyone else! My sister was very impressed...​hopefully ​she can use you for events in the future. ​Thank you again!!

​Adrienne - ​Wedding Client

Thanks so much for your amazing work that went into ​the parties. These things just can’t be pulled off without a great team and I’m so impressed...The hard things aren’t worth doing unless they are done with people you like to be around​...​You are a badass. A gazillion thanks!

​Emily - ​Corporate Client