two brides kidding after their wedding

All photos by Missy Palacol Photography

For this small wedding, we wanted to give the classic “white wedding” a fresh, modern take. We also wanted to highlight that small weddings during COVID don't have to be any less spectacular! We were excited to show that "wedding white" can still be adventurous and stunning, especially by playing with neutral tones throughout the event design. And we also loved embracing our city’s unique style, which is simultaneously luxurious and laid-back. The results were amazing! We love how this micro wedding evokes the modern city vibes of our neighborhoods in the fall. And in true Seattle style, it even rained all day for us!

two brides embracing on their wedding day
a table set with golden candlesticks, taupe candles, a table runner, and a white floral arrangement
a floral hair piece with white and green flowers
a garden rose in the table arrangement
small mushrooms on the table as a part of the floral design
two brides touching noses at their wedding table
white wedding flowers above stoneware plates
tomatillos and a table runner
white stone plates with table settings
a table set with white stone plates, candles, and white floral centerpieces
holding the white and green bouquet
a bride buttons her vest
a bride looks out the window
a bride buttoning her vest with a delicate boutonniere
the bride wearing a floral necklace and holding a white bouquet
two brides holding each other next to a floral installation
the brides celebrate getting married
champagne being poured
the brides run outside after getting married
bries kissing as they toast
the boutonniere resting on a plate
the brides embracing in front of a floral installation
the brides embracing in front of a floral installation