By Carolyn

January 19, 2021

Hi y'all! I am so excited to share this with you today! In November, I sat down with Hannah Paukstis, a Seattle wedding planner who owns A Bird With A Plan, to talk all things wedding flowers! Hannah is a phenomenal event planner, and one of the most organized people I've ever met. We worked together on an event in 2020 and had a blast, so when she asked me to do an interview, I said yes right away! Now you can read our conversation over on her blog, which covers a lot of wedding flower basics.

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Photo: Between the Pine

In Part I of our interview, we talk about things like:

  • What should you expect to budget for your wedding flowers?
  • Why are wedding flowers so much more expensive than grocery store flowers? (And why comparing the two makes zero sense)
  • What do florists do leading up to your wedding day, and what's happening behind the scenes?
  • What does our workflow look like on the day of your wedding?
  • What are a florist's favorite flowers! (You can probably guess: I couldn't choose just one, lol)

In Part II of our interview, Hannah asked me all about sustainability and how to find an amazing, sustainable florist. I love that she is asking these questions as a wedding planner, and I think you will appreciate it, too! We discussed things like:

  • What are the things you should look for when choosing a floral designer?
  • How should you prepare for your floral consultation, and what questions should you ask during that meeting?
  • What sustainability concerns should couples be aware of when it comes to flowers?
  • What are the biggest things couples can do to make sustainable choices with their wedding flowers?
  • How far in advance should you book a floral designer?
  • And lots, lots more!

I would absolutely LOVE for y'all to head over to Hannah's blog and read our conversation, and let us know what you think in the comments! We had so much fun chatting. And obviously, if you are still looking for a wedding planner, you should reach out to Hannah - she's amazing. In fact, I put her business A Bird With A Plan in my COVID Wedding Guide because I found her to be such a valuable partner!

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