Advantages of COVID Weddings

January 27


By Carolyn

January 27, 2021

Happy Wedding Wednesday, y'all! Since this is typically booking season, I wanted to continue talking about COVID weddings this week. A huge takeaway from 2020: COVID weddings can be absolutely incredible, with a LOT of hidden advantages for couples. We’ve already talked about some of the benefits of the various types of smaller COVID weddings and elopements. But even couples that have been bummed about postponing their big weddings have decided to get married anyway this year – and the results have blown us away. If you initially envisioned a big celebration, keep planning it! It could become an amazing first anniversary party. But we would also encourage you to get married before then, and experience some of these wonderful benefits.

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Breaking with tradition

First, getting married during COVID offers you a huge opportunity to break with tradition. To be honest, after 2020, none of us know what to expect anymore! So, use this opportunity to free yourself of all of the expectations of what you “should” do at your wedding. With COVID weddings, you don’t have to wear a white wedding dress – or a dress at all. You don’t need to walk down an aisle. You don’t need to make sure 17 family members feel included, or sit through two hours of toasts. You don’t even need seating!

Think about the unconventional aspects of your relationships, your hobbies, or the things you love, and lean in. Buy the floral print dress. Hike to the top of a mountain. Have a Gatsby-themed backyard party. Convince your parents to dance to your favorite songs –especially if they aren’t “wedding songs.” On such a small scale, you can do anything you can dream up – so do it! The big, traditional celebration can come later. Having a COVID wedding can be a great excuse to get super creative and super fun with your wedding day. And one of my favorite ways to support couples is to empower them to make big, bold creative decisions - so let's talk!!


COVID weddings also empower couples to personalize and tailor every aspect of their wedding. When you have 200 people, you are forced to make limiting decisions – after all, you can’t have 200 kinds of wine available. And going all-in on luxury wedding style can drain wedding budgets pretty quickly. But when you are planning for 30 of your closest family and friends, you know what everyone likes. You can splurge on the little details you love, from elegant table linens to fancy shoes. And you will deliver an experience that every single one of your family and friends will be raving about for years.

Your wedding may be more unconventional because of COVID, but it can also be all more memorable as a result! So, think about how you can treat yourself, and your family and friends, to a wonderful time together. Tailoring your wedding to be as dreamy as possible, whatever that means for you, will make it so much more special to the people you love.


Finally, having a COVID wedding pares down everything to focus on one thing: celebrating you and your partner. 2020 has shown us that in the end, a wedding is just a celebration of two amazing people and their love for one another. And the power of love keeps prevailing! It has been really amazing to see. Couples have put their heads together during COVID and created inspiring, intimate, pared-down events that highlight their love stories. It’s been a beautiful year for focusing on those stories. And we have loved seeing couples’ family and friends support them so strongly in a difficult time.

 We really don’t know how to articulate it, but seeing a wedding with 10 people who all fiercely love one another is a very different experience from a 200-person wedding. There is something almost heroic about these COVID weddings, their simultaneous power and vulnerability, their raw emotion. Every wedding has been an incredible reminder that love can really move mountains.

With that said, we hope you are convinced that you can still have an incredible COVID wedding. So we’ve talked about the why – what about the how? Next week, we will talk more about various venues, vendors, and other things you will need to think through to have the dreamiest COVID wedding possible!

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