By Carolyn

March 17, 2021

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today, we are looking back at a year of being in this pandemic. We know that 2020 did not go as planned – and it’s possible that most of 2021 will also be a challenge. Our couples are feeling everything, from being optimistic to being totally over it. (Where are you at? We'd love to hear in the comments!) No matter how you are feeling right now, we know it often falls to couples to communicate to family, friends, and other wedding guests what is happening in wedding planning land. So this week, we are talking all about how to update COVID wedding guests. We have several tips that will hopefully make your life a little easier as you plan your wedding during COVID!

  • Postpone, don’t cancel. Folks are going to be so thrilled to celebrate with you when they are safely able to do so! We have seen a lot of couples have a small COVID wedding in 2020, but postponing their big celebration to 2021 or beyond. Right now, nothing is normal – so there are no rules about throwing an epic first anniversary party! If you had always envisioned a big wedding, you can still plan for it.
  • Your guests understand! Don’t feel bad about having to trim your guest list, change your date (sometimes multiple times), or constantly change plans. Guests understand how difficult your planning must be, and will generally be good sports about this. Don’t beat yourself up over things that are outside of your control.
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  • You are allowed to poke fun at the situation! We have seen funny cookies, signs, and fresh save-the-dates that all make light of an impossible situation. Sometimes gallows humor is required during this process!
  • Use technology! You can still have your wedding during COVID, and thanks to technology, your extended family and friends can still watch your wedding! All it takes is a little setup and testing of Zoom or another video chat provider. Your tech setup doesn’t have to be fancy, although you could also hire an audiovisual pro to help you out. Either way, this is a great option to protect everyone and still invite them to celebrate with you.

We hope these tips and examples help you as you continue to plan and figure out how to update your COVID wedding guests! Next week, we will cover some basic safety measures that have been in place over the past year. Trust us, there are still fun ways to comply with rules and keep everyone safe, without sacrificing your vision! 

If this was helpful, we would love for you to share it! And if you are ready to read more right now, you can head on over to the full COVID wedding guide for Seattle. You can also download a free PDF copy below!

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