By Carolyn

May 5, 2021

Are you wondering how to elope in Seattle? Just head to the woods! This stunning fall forest elopement was recently featured over on Storyboard Wedding! We love highlighting weddings and elopements during COVID that are still full of personality, drama, and bold aesthetic choices. This elopement was so fun to design, since we got to pick the best of late fall flowers, both from our farm and from other local growers. Dahlias, roses, mums, black-eyed susans, and lots of foraged foliage were used to create these dramatic floral arrangements.

An interracial couple in the woods in front of a grounded flower arch, holding a bouquet and kissing


For the ceremony, we wanted to create a magical scene out of a fairy tale, with a floral installation that looked like it was growing right out of the ground. We designed this grounded arch entirely without floral foam, using the best of late fall flowers like cafe au lait dahlias, locally grown roses, amaranth, and black-eyed susans. We also foraged all sorts of beautiful greenery, including ferns, oakleaf hydrangea, smoke bush, and even fall peony foliage! And to make it even more special, we added in some tree fungus and blue hypericum berries to evoke all of the magical things you might see on a long hike. The results were spectacular!

A grounded arch featuring spray roses, black-eyed susans, and smoke bush foliage.
A section of the grounded arch that includes cafe au lait dahlias, spray roses, locally grown roses, black-eyed susans, and ferns.
A section of the grounded floral arch that includes tree fungus, smoke bush foliage, ferns, and black-eyed susans.


We loved styling this vintage cocktail table, which included bubbling blackberry cocktails! We styled the table with mushrooms, hypericum berries, flowers, and fall fruits to give it additonal interest and dimension. We also put several small centerpieces ont he bottom shelf of the table. These small golden vessels added texture, color, and interest to the forest scenery. We also have to shout out the cool sign from Nisha Calligraphy - what a fun addition to this elopement! We added another floral vase next to the elopement sign to make sure it was styled just as beautifully as the table itself.

A vintage cocktail table in the woods for an elopement, with a cake, beverages, candles, and florals.
A table with cocktail goblets smoking with dry ice, as well as a vintage decanter and flowers and mushrooms.
A multiracial couple toasting their Seattle elopement in the woods with bubbly blackberry cocktails


We absolutely LOVE worrying about the details so our couples don't have to! And we also love detailed work like wearable flowers, boutonnieres, and styling invitation suites. For Alex's wrist corsage, we used a comfortable and flexible wire base that was covered with fall flowers. We love the way it complements her rose quartz ring. For Cliff's boutonniere, we used a mix of foliages, buds, and textures to tie in with the other floral elements. And we loved using the dramatic red velvet ribbon in our personal flowers and in styling this invitation suite! It just added to the moody, PNW fall vibe of this elopement.

The bride with a fall flower cuff and a large rose quartz ring with her boho wedding dress
The groom with a boutonniere, and his wife's hand on his shoulder. The boutonniere is full of fall textures like berries, leaves, and dried fern
A black and white invitation suite styled with a deer antler, red velvet ribbon, a wood round, and delicate fall florals.
The groom looking away from his bride, with a black shirt, bolo tie, black hat, and fall boutonniere.


For Alex's bridal bouquet, we wanted to create something that we have never seen done before. We loved being able to choose the most beautiful, delicate, and dramatic flowers for this bouquet. For the bouquet, we specifically selected the cafe au lait dahlias that were the most neutral blush tone, as well as the beautiful taupe roses from our local grower. We also loved adding woodland ingredients like tree fungus and partially dried bracken fern. And of course, we loved the dramatic red velvet ribbon used to tie off this incredible bouquet!

A bride holding her fall bouquet with roses, dahlias, and foraged foliage.
An interracial couple kissing during their wedding ceremony at a fall forest elopement in Seattle
An interracial couple embracing in the woods with a fall bouquet


There are SO many flower choices out there, and not all of them are available year-round. This bouquet is extremely seasonal and uses the best, most beautiful blooms of fall. We know it helps to be able to pick out what you like about each bouquet before you meet with a designer. Take a look at this list of blooms we used to create this woodland fall bridal bouquet:

  • Cafe au lait dahlias
  • White and maroon dahlias
  • Black-eyed susans
  • Roses and spray roses
  • Scabiosa
  • Amaranth
  • Mums
  • Viburnum berries
  • Tree fungus
  • Bracken fern
  • Peony foliage
  • Smoke bush foliage
  • Oakleaf hydrangea foliage
  • Eucalyptus
  • Olive foliage
A couple smiling and laughing in the woods, holding a fall bridal bouquet

All of these ingredients were grown and sourced locally, except for the spray roses. We grew or foraged all of the dahlias, black-eyed susans, amranth, scabiosa, peony foliage, smoke bush foliage, and oakleaf hydrangea foliage ourselves. It is pretty incredible what you can find from our talented local flower farmers in Seattle. There is really no bad time to get married here, and we love using the best of what is available in each season!

An interracial couple in front of their grounded arch for their woodland elopement, holding fall wedding bouquet
A couple in the woods, holding a bridal bouquet


We know it can feel overwhelming to plan a wedding - especially in the time of COVID. It is our job to make you feel confident, empowered, and excited about your floral and event design! We love worrying about all of the details so that you don't have to. If you are ready to get your time and energy back, so you can actually enjoy your engagement, let's talk about your designs! You can click below to inquire and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. We can't wait to meet you!

A wedded couple having a private moment in the woods after their elopement
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