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November 12


By Carolyn

November 12, 2018

There are so many INCREDIBLE farms around the Pacific Northwest that grow sustainable food, flowers, and animal products that it would be folly to try and list them all. Today I just wanted to introduce you to a few of the farms that we love.

The first farm I have to mention is Sweet Alyssum Farm, based in Puyallup and run by my friend and former Tilth classmate, Alyssa. Currently, she is farming about an acre of flowers and just got ranunculus in the ground last week! To give you a sense of her magical powers, Alyssa’s flowers are what you see when you first load this website! Her dahlias this summer were stunning. She also had a ton of gorgeous celosias, zinnias, and yarrow. I bought everything I could from Sweet Alyssum this summer, because her flowers were just totally unparalleled. (She also let me come harvest with her, which was a blast.) Alyssa is a heck of a grower and I’m always pleased to support her. We are already talking about a visit to her new land so I can do a longer blog post!

Sweet Alyssum’s dahlias and celosia

The second farm we love is Hell or High Water Farm. Kevin Helfrick runs this farm, and he is also a Tilth Sustiainable Farming Education Program grad. Kevin was nice enough to let our class come tour his farm this summer, where we helped construct a high tunnel. We also learned about his pastured flock and how he rotates them. Kevin primarily offers eggs–lots and lots of beautiful, multicolored eggs! Hell or High Water also grows dahlias and offers them as an add-on item for CSA members. You can find their eggs at several farmers markets in the summer, or check out the website to learn about the CSA.

Hell or High Water’s famous eggs in every color!

Finally, I would like to share with you my love of Jello Mold Farm, which is based in Skagit. Jello Mold raises all kinds of flowers and foliage sustainably. While I don’t have the same personal connection to them, their farm is notable for a couple of reasons. First, I love buying products from them because their flowers and foliage are always super high-quality. Nine times out of ten, I find myself with something from Jello Mold in my cart when I visit the flower market. For example, check out the luscious raspberry greens you can see in the arrangement below. Secondly, they actually started the flower market where I buy my materials! The market is a farmer-owned cooperative, so farmers can be paid fairly. It’s a dreamy place and I’m extremely grateful for it!

Raspberry greens from Jello Mold–aren’t they lovely?

There are so many other wonderful farms in our area, including Green River Farm, which you can read about in a separate blog post. It is awesome to be a part of such a thriving, creative, and inspiring agricultural community! I’ll make sure to continue sharing the farms we love. <3

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  1. Love the Washington flower community and love working with Folk Art Flowers! Can’t wait for next season 🌸

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