By Carolyn

January 22, 2020

The first part of your floral ​journey is to develop your vision. Knowing what your wedding should look and feel like is only something that YOU can answer! So in order to develop your vision, you need to get inspired for wedding flowers! ​This is the fun part. There are lots of tools for finding inspiration out there, so I'm going to share my favorites with you here.  ​

  • ​Pinterest: Of course, you knew this already, but Pinterest is awesome for finding, viewing, saving, and sharing inspiration images. ​
  • Wedding Blogs: There are too many to list here, but I'll give you one of my favorites: Rock n Roll Bride is​ where you'll find brides in leather jackets​. (The full list of my favorites blogs--including links--i​s in this week's PDF.)
  • Hobbies & Interests: You and your partner have common interests, so use what you enjoy together as a source of inspiration!
  • Your Location: ​Naturally, you can think about the venue, city, and setting to find local sources of inspiration in nature, landmarks, or neighborhoods. Local flowers also count as sources of inspiration!
  • Fashion and Design: Wedding trends mirror fashion trends, but on a time delay. What is hot now in fashion will be all the rage next wedding season!
  • Take the Quiz: Most fun of all, I developed a ​quiz to help you find your ideal wedding style! ​You can find the quiz right here:

Take the ​quiz to find your ideal wedding style!

​If you'd like to learn more about ​how to get inspired, you can ​​​​​get the full, free PDF that is too big to ​put here! It includes ​​more info on how to search Pinterest, the latest fashions we are starting to see in wedding floral design work, and a long list of amazing wedding blogs to check out, complete with links. Just enter your info below, so we know where to send it.

​Next week, we will ​talk about floral design principles ​and how those might play out in your wedding flowers. ​If there are other questions you would like to see answered, please leave a comment below! And ​whenever you are ready to talk about your wedding, you can read about our approach to weddings and​ ​book a consultation here​! Stay tuned!

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