By Carolyn

March 4, 2020

​This week, I wanted to take a quick detour into wedding centerpieces. ​They are one of the most commonly requested items ​from couples, but they vary so widely in style and price!​ Couples are often surprised when I ask them what kind of wedding centerpieces they are ​looking for. ​And they are even more surprised when I talk through all of the various options available! So this week, ​I wanted to talk about styles of wedding centerpieces and some key tips​ for ​thinking about what you want. 

A low centerpiece on a wedding table from the Whidbey Island Workshop photo by Suzanne Rothmeyer

A low centerpiece using spring flowers - photo by Suzanne Rothmeyer

​​When thinking about centerpieces, you want to make sure  ​that ​they will be low or high, but never in between. Your centerpieces should never block guests' ability to hold a conversation across the table! A good florist will have experience creating the perfect height for arrangements so that conversation can still flow freely.

In general, we separate wedding centerpieces into two types: low centerpieces and high (or "elevated") centerpieces. ​Low wedding centerpieces include​ compotes ​(vases that look a bit like bowls), garlands, and bud vases. ​​Elevated wedding centerpieces include things like clear, tall vases, metal stands, or even hanging floral installations. And ​there are many variations on all of these options, which is why pricing ​​can vary dramatically. In general, elevated wedding centerpieces are going to be more expensive than low wedding centerpieces. But even ​within one type of centerpiece, there ​can be a huge range depending on the materials and labor needed. For example, ​doing bud vases full of ​premium garden roses is much different than ​doing bud vases full of local sunflowers!

This week, ​I'm sharing an illustrated guide with each of these types of centerpieces. You can​ use this guide to look at your inspiration photos and identify what kinds of centerpieces you like. Later on, this will be really helpful when you're ​articulating your vision ​to a florist! ​

You can ​​​​​get ​this week's full, free PDF ​right here! Just enter your info below, so we know where to send it.

​Next week, we will move on in our floral journey to talk about setting a budget! I alluded to it this week, but there are tons of floral options out there, with varying price points. ​​​​​Most couples don't know what a reasonable budget for flowers looks like, or why wedding flowers are expensive. So we'll start demystifying all of that soon​!

In the meantime, if ​you have other questions you would like to see answered, please leave a comment below! And ​whenever you are ready to talk about your wedding, you can read about our approach to weddings and​ ​book a consultation here​!

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