By Carolyn

April 15, 2020

​We are jumping back into ​Wedding Flowers 101 this week to continue talking about budgeting! ​Of course, that means addressing DIY wedding flowers as ​a​n option for couples ​with lower budgets. ​DIY wedding flowers can be a great way for couples to get the flowers they want without paying ​for full-service wedding florals. But they also come with a lot of potential for disaster. So, how do you know if DIYing wedding flowers is right for you? What do you need to know before you decide to tackle ​flowers yourself? What options are out there? We're covering all this and more this week!

​​First, what should and shouldn't you DIY? How far should you go with this in the name of saving money? The general rule of thumb is that you should hire professionals for photography and anything coming in fresh the day of your wedding. ​That means catering, but also your cake, florals, and cocktails. ​​I will get into the reasoning for this in just a second​, but it's not because I might have a conflict of interest as a professional florist!

There are still lots of things that you could potentially DIY if you have enough time and skill. ​For example, you might be able to create your own stationery, ​wedding favors, or even garments, if you can sew. ​Think creatively about the things you might be able to test, revise, and re-do if needed. Those are the things you ​can try to DIY if you have the time and skill!

​Next, ​I​'d like to ​talk about why you should not try to DIY ​wedding flowers (or anything coming in fresh). Again, this is not because I am trying to dissuade you or ​get your money. ​​But there are three great reasons you should ​​think twice about DIYing your wedding flowers:

  1. ​Flowers are perishable. The​ir care and handling is real, physical work that happens the week and day of your wedding. ​​I would honestly ​encourage you to invest a little money to fully enjoy your wedding day.
  2. ​Flowers require quality control, artistry, and knowledge. We do not just harvest ​stems and throw them into vases! ​​There are lots of intermediate steps you may or may not know about, since they are behind-the-scenes.
  3. ​There is so much potential for things to go terribly wrong with flowers. ​When you hire a pro, we bring contingency plans with us--it's part of the job. ​DIYing flowers means ​the risk is all on you.

​​Truthfully, these are pretty compelling reasons to invest in a professional.​ But if you are still really excited about DIYing your flowers, there are lots of options for doing so. I'd love to ​give you all of the information, so you can think through whether it's a good fit for you. 

​This week's guide has a TON of info about DIY ​wedding flowers. It includes more info on ​options for putting together your DIY plan, ​​​how to find flowers, and how to avert ​disaster when ordering​. To get ​the full scoop on DIY wedding flowers, just enter your info below, so we know where to send it!

​I hope this week was a helpful look at ​DIY wedding flowers! ​Please leave a comment below if you still have questions after reading through the guide. Next week, we will shift gears a little bit and start talking about how to shop for a floral designer! (You can always check your date with me over here, too.)

Hope you all are staying healthy, sane, and safe this week! ​​I'm really g​rateful I have this blog to keep a regular schedule and ​help those who suddenly have more time to look at wedding planning! 🙂

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