By Carolyn

April 29, 2020

​Now that you are ready to find an amazing (and hopefully sustainably-minded) florist, what now? How do you go about searching for the best wedding florist in your area for your needs? Let's get the shameless self-promotion out of the way first: if you are looking for the best wedding florist in Seattle, ​I'd love to chat with you. You can ​go here to check your date! But no matter where you are, these tips are going to ​be super helpful in your search!

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  • ​Start searching early. ​Most florists book out 9-12 months in advance. If you are getting married in your area's typical wedding season, you will need to start searching early! In general, off-season weddings will have better luck booking someone with less notice.​ However, that is NOT the case for 2020. This pandemic has everyone rearranging plans. If you are getting married in 2021, ​please start searching as soon as possible. A lot of 2021 dates are getting ​snapped up by couples who have been forced to postpone!
  • ​Use the Slow Flowers Directory​This is the best-kept secret for finding an amazing designer in your area who might also practice sustainable floristry! These are ​florists who pledge to use locally grown and seasonal flowers whenever possible. They also ​tend to care deeply about their clients, their art, and their sourcing.​​​
  • ​Ask people you know. ​Asking friends, family, and other vendors you click with for recommendations is a great way to find ​the best wedding florist​. This is still true, even in the digital age!
  • Tweak your internet searching. Google mostly lists aggregate sites and businesses with paid SEO. And aggregate sites are almost always pay-to-play. ​Tweak your strategy to make sure you are getting the whole picture in your market.
  • ​Use social media to find artists. ​Y​​​​ou are hiring an artist, so use a platform that allows photos. A great way to do this is by using hashtag searches on Instagram, like "#​seattlefloraldesign" or "#seattleflorist."  Hashtag searches are extremely granular and will give you immediate, visual, actionable results!​​​
  • View floral portfolios and make a short list. Look at designers' websites and portfolios, and make a short list. Start with your top 3 designers and submit requests for info, making sure you note your wedding date.
  • ​Schedule consultations. Even if you don't know exactly what you want, go ahead and schedule consultations.  (We will talk a lot more about ​consultations in the coming weeks.) The biggest thing is making sure you click with your ​wedding florist, which requires meeting with them!

I've tried to write this week's guide to be helpful to couples in any city​​. Wedding planning is so stressful, ​especially right now, and I want to help! ​You can read more in this week's full guide, which has a lot more detail about ​search strategies​​. It includes the ​truth about pay-to-play sites, ​plus ​a ​genius search strategy for Pinterest. To get the full article, just enter your e-mail below so I can send it to y​ou!

​Hope you all are staying safe and healthy, and hanging in there! If you have questions, please make sure to comment below!

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