By Carolyn

May 6, 2020

​Last week, we ​talked about how to find ​the best wedding florist for your needs. You've ​developed a short list of amazing florists (and other vendors) that you think could be a good fit. So what's next? ​​Your next step is to​ actually start talking to them! We florists typically do this through wedding floral consultations​. ​But what does that mean, and what should you expect? What questions should you make sure are answered or addressed? We're going to cover all that and more!

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  • ​​First things first: the unexpected survey. ​The first thing you'll need to do with every single vendor is ​reach out to them, ​typically online. ​But ​you won't find a way to immediately schedule a meeting. Instead, you'll probably find a survey on their website ​that you are forced to fill out. ​Why are couples bombarded with questions from vendors, even before meeting? In this week's free ​resource, we'll talk about the trend towards surveys​, and why we use them.
  • ​The wedding floral consultation. ​​​​​​For you, ​the client, ​the goal of this meeting is to determine whether this ​florist ​feels like a good fit for you. That's it! On the floral design side, the goal of a wedding floral consultation is ​more complex. We have two main goals during this meeting:
    • 1) To understand your needs and vision, so we can craft a great proposal.
    • 2) To "sell" you on our services, to varying degrees. ​​This week's ​full article talks more about sales tactics, and what you should look out for.
  • ​Be transparent during your consultation. ​I highly encourage you to be transparent about your needs, ​​​especially your budget. ​​We can't meet your budget if we don't know what it is. ​Additionally, don't be afraid of offending a florist by saying you don't like certain ideas, flowers, or designs. We won't take it personally!
  • ​Your florist should ask questions. ​Every floral designer is different, and approaches consultations differently. ​​​However, there are certain topics that should be covered in every single meeting, or at least in the questionnaire. ​A ​good floral designer will make sure that ​​all the details are covered​. ​A great floral designer will go above and beyond​ to craft something that makes you want to work with us.

​What do I mean by going above and beyond? This week's free PDF includes a ​comprehensive checklist ​of all of the questions your florist should ask in a wedding floral consultation. ​​​Again, some of these details might be covered in ​the initial survey. But a great florist will make sure to cover all of these questions in the consultation. The PDF checklist is printable, and has a section for your note-taking​. You can literally print it off for your meeting and ​be ready to go! To get this great resource, just enter your info below so I can send it to you.

​I hope this ​info is helpful as you ​start looking for a wedding florist! This checklist in particular is a really ​​useful resource​, but it's only one half of the conversation. ​There are also a lot of questions that you should be asking your potential florists! So next week, we'll ​cover all of that, and you'll be offered another free checklist for download. In the meantime, make sure to post any questions in the comments below!

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