By Carolyn

May 20, 2020

You've attended a consultation, and now you're waiting on a customized floral proposal. You're so close to booking! What should be included in a floral proposal, and what are some things to look out for? This week, we will "dissect" a proposal ​so you know exactly what to expect.

customized floral proposals result in this wonderful palette

Every florist ​does ​her proposals differently. The​re are software options like HoneyBook and Curate, while some florists create PDFs for every client. ​You might also see sketches or moodboards​ in a variety of formats. ​While the format may ​differ, you should always find ​these things in a custom floral proposal:

  1.  An Intro & Sales Pitch: This is our last chance to impress you! Watch ​to make sure your florist is paying attention to you as a client. ​​​
  2. Your Wedding Style: ​This could include images, palettes, sketches, ​or descriptions. The ​goal here is to make sure you are both on the same page aesthetically. This ​is crucial!
  3. Pieces & Pricing: ​This should ​list all the pieces or rentals you discussed, as well as their pricing. You ​want to make sure you know ​exactly what is included in the prices. ​Do the prices include ​costs like delivery, design fees, setup, tear-down, and sales tax​? ​
  4. Expiration & Contract: ​If applicable, this section will tell you ​when the proposal expires​. Additionally, your contract ​discusses ​things like rescheduling due to coronavirus. You should always read your contracts before signing! Make sure you ​ask questions if you have any concern​s​.
  5. Payment & Signature: ​This portion talks about your payment schedule and how to submit your deposit and contract. It might also include ​other details needed to finally cross this off your list. Yay!!

I want everyone to be empowered to make good​ decisions about their wedding flowers. And there is lots more to cover ​in the anatomy of a proposal! This week's freebie has a lot of the finer details you should look out for​. T​o learn more about everything that should be included in a customized floral proposal, you can get this week's free PDF guide. Just enter your info below so I know where to send it!

​Wedding Flowers 101 is ​almost over​, now that we are ​near the end of the booking process! If you have other questions about wedding floral design that need answered, please post in the comments. I'd be happy to help with any other challenges y'all are having. And if you're ready to talk about your wedding, let's do that, too!​

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