By Carolyn

September 9, 2020

This summer, I was able to work with a great couple who wanted to elope "in the mountains." When looking for a location, they initially were willing to hike, but ​later realized they wanted their parents to be there. Most of our parents are ​not up for the amount of hiking we are willing to do! ​So they worked with their photographer, Mollie at Between the Pine, to find a new, more accessible elopement location. We have ​tons of ​beautiful places to elope, but not all of them are ADA-accessible or ​kind to those with mobility issues.

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Mt. Rainier National Park: Not the most accessible, but Mollie does have good info about it!

​Mollie and her team have put together ​an amazing guide of ADA-accessible elopement locations in Washington state.​ It is a really comprehensive resource, and I am thrilled to share ​it here! ​Mollie is an expert at this, since all she does is adventure wedding photography. So I trust her judgement on finding some of the ​most accessible elopement locations in Washington.

​The guide also has some great tips for couples, like getting a National Parks Access Pass, which I didn't know existed. It gives disabled folks free lifetime access to National Parks and other public lands - how incredible! This guide is a really awesome resource for disabled couples, or couples who want to include disabled friends and family in their ceremonies. Thank you to Mollie & team for putting together this info! I hope it helps a lot of couples and their families this year, now that elopements are becoming the new norm. 

I will be putting together another list of great elopement locations in Seattle and the surrounding area in the next few weeks​. I expect that elopements and small ​ceremonies will continue to be our new normal throughout 2020 and 2021​. But even these small, intimate gatherings are proving to be really incredible! There are so many ways we can transform a backyard​ or outdoor space ​into something magical for your ​wedding day. If you are curious what your options are for florals, decor, and locations, please get in touch

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