Farm Flood Update

February 11


By Carolyn

February 11, 2020

​Hi y'all! I just wanted to post a little farm update here, mostly for my own ​records​. ​I also wanted to show you what ​​farmers ​​go through to ​bring you beautiful local products!

This past weekend, we saw historical flooding across Western Washington ​all along the Snoqualmie River. (We call the Snoqualmie River Valley "Sno Valley" for short)​. Sno Valley includes ​places like Carnation, Fall City, Snohomish, and Monroe. If you watch the news, you definitely saw ​the flooding! Kids were out of school, and roads and bridges were​ flooded​. ​Of course, my own farmland was also flooded.​

Flooded farmland

A wide-angle view of the flooding, from the newly created creek bed.

​​My landowner ​Philipp sent me this photo on​ Sunday. You can see my black tarps in the ​background. You can also see the water​ moving into the field and to our neighbors' ​​place.

A newly created creek bed

A newly created creek bed where grass used to be. You can see where the creek is ​splitting into the field.

​​Here you can see the newly created creek bed where there used to be grass. ​The normal path of the creek is to the left of the treeline. But ​to the right of the treeline, ​the water is now flowing into the field. ​Basically, the creek has ​split itself in two​.

A flooded farm field

The view from the old fence post, facing away from the creek.

​​That ​water continues into the field and beyond, into the neighbors' ​place to the right. ​The fence line ​and everything past it used to be grass. ​It's pretty wild how much water, silt, rock, and ​debris has washed up ​this weekend.

A high tunnel buried in mud from flooding.

My high tunnel was stored between two trees that used to be about 15' from the creek bank.

​Yesterday, I went out to try and ​find my high tunnel, which I had stored between two trees.​ Those trees ​used to be about 15 feet away from the creek bank. Clearly this is no longer the case! Thankfully, those two trees provided a buffer from all the debris you see to the right of the blue tarp. And after a little digging, I was able to ​find it and start ​pulling it out. ​As far as I can tell, nothing washed away. I​'m still working this week on digging out the pieces and ​moving them to high ground. 

I should be starting seeds right about now, but clearly my high tunnel is not up yet. I ​​need some kind of protected space to grow baby plants. I'm not sure what plan B will be, since it's going to be too wet to till for some time. ​​I've asked my fellow farmers ​to see if anyone has extra greenhouse space to rent, or used greenhouse plastic so I can make an inexpensive low tunnel. We'll see what happens!

In the meantime, if I am slow to reply to things, ​this is why. ​I'm digging hoops out of a creek bed, trying to figure out covered space for transplants, and remapping my fields. Never a dull moment in farming​! ​

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