By Carolyn

February 5, 2020

​Part of developing your wedding vision is to think about your wedding color​s, ​especially for flowers. If you didn't check out last week's blog post, go ahead and take a peek​! ​Last week, we talked about color helping us in various ways. Color can create a mood, signify emotions, or provide context ​due to our associations with certain colors. ​In the past, ​"wedding colors" has traditionally meant just 2​ colors that ​a couple uses in ​their entire wedding. (Think "​navy and blush" flowers, stationary, flowers, garments, get the picture.) Limiting yourself to two wedding colors can backfire ​by evoking the sense of being at a high school prom. Definitely NOT what you are going for! So​ in modern floral design, we most often talk about wedding color palettes​. ​

A rainbow of pansies to illustrate color studies

A color study of pansies​ illustrating ​color gradients and complexities in palette within the same species. ​​

When you think about your wedding ​floral palette, there are lots of directions you could go in. I would encourage you to think about the season of your wedding, your venue, and the colors ​associated with it. For summer wedding colors, I think of bright jewel tones, ​lots of greenery, and a varied palette. Summer is​ when everything is growing at once, so the palette could cover the whole color wheel! For ​a spring wedding, ​​I think about more pastel tones, softer colors, and more yellows​​. And fall weddings are full of all of the warm, rich, earthy tones we associate with the season. Winter wedding​ colors vary wildly, since local Seattle flowers are generally unavailable in the winter months. ​​In these months, winter white is always chic. I'm also loving​ the dark and moody palettes ​we have been seeing in recent years​. They ​​​pair and photograph really well with ​​our winter rain and ​short day lengths!

Whatever the season or palette of your wedding, I'd love to share this week's free PDF with you: the ​Flower Color Primer. It's a hefty tool to put in your ​personal toolkit, ​and contains hundreds of flowers sorted by color. The Flower Color Primer will definitely help you identify flowers from your inspiration photos. ​​In addition, I ​am also ​hopeful it will ​​introduce you to some ​​new local flowers ​that would fit within your wedding palette! I've also made sure to include those tricky, "in-between" colors like peach and blush. The ​PDF is ​gigantic since it has so many images, ​​and it's way too big to share here! ​​So instead of breaking our website,​ just​ enter your info below, so we ​know where to send this fantastic tool! 🙂

​If you enjoy this week's PDF​, I'd also encourage you to check out the book Flower Color Guide​, by Darroch & Michael Putnam. It's 484 pages of straight up flower color studies!

Next week, we will ​talk about ​all the latest and greatest ​trends in wedding floral design. ​If there are other questions you would like to see answered, please leave a comment below! And ​whenever you are ready to talk about your wedding, you can read about our approach to weddings and​ ​book a consultation here​! Thanks for reading!

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