By Carolyn

February 12, 2020

​This is the last week we are talking about developing your vision! So before we move on, you need to know the hottest wedding design trends for 2020. Since these are wedding design trends for 2020, ​I ​started seeing them last year ​during my floral consultations. ​A​s a result, several of my weddings this year incorporate these trends, which I'm super excited about!

Welcome floral installation, a wedding design trend for 2020

​One of the hottest wedding design trends for 2020? Floral installations, like this welcome installation we made at the Whidbey Flower Workshop! Photo by Suzanne Rothmeyer.

​​The wedding design trends for 2020 that I am sharing here are more​ general than​, say, pampas grass being popular. ​They are trends within the wedding industry itself, which manifests in lots of different ways. ​​Here​ are the top trends​ we are seeing ​this year, summarized:

  • Authenticity & Individuality: ​This is hands down the biggest shift within the wedding industry at large! ​Couples ​are tailoring every part of their wedding to reflect their priorities, personalities, and style.
  • ​Sustainability: Couples want vendors who ​will help them minimize the environmental impact of their wedding day. ​This is especially true as local and sustainably farmed flowers become more ​sought after.
  • ​Atmosphere vs. Color Scheme: ​We talked about this ​briefly in last week's blog post about color. ​​​Couples are moving away from specific "wedding colors." Instead, ​designers ​feel empowered to ​create broader palettes​.
  •  Texture: Couples are emphasizing all things texture! For example, we are seeing more texture in dresses, stationery, tablescapes, and of course, floral design! ​
  • ​Minimalism: ​Couples are choosing modern, minimal looks in ​everything from wedding dresses to floral installations. ​
  • Floral Installations​Every couple wants one. This is arguably THE hottest trend in wedding design, and it's only becoming more mainstream!
  • ​Flowers Everywhere: ​​​​Couples are finding new and creative ways to use flowers in food, drinks, and fashion.
  • Bringing the Inside Out: Couples are flipping the "outside in" trend by staging outdoor areas with vintage couches, rugs, and pillows.

​​​Naturally, I have lots more to say about each of these trends​! I'd love to share specific examples of how these trends are showing up in the wedding world, including floral design. It's a bit long for a blog post, ​but you can ​​​​​get the full, free PDF that is too big to ​put here! ​It's ​a great resource for ​all the biggest wedding design trends for 2020, and ​might ​even help you plan your own wedding. Just enter your info below, so we know where to send it.

​Next week, we will start thinking about the next step of your floral journey, which is outlining your priorities. We'll ​be digging into some really practical, hands-on stuff to help you with wedding planning! In the meantime, if ​you have other questions you would like to see answered, please leave a comment below! And ​whenever you are ready to talk about your wedding, you can read about our approach to weddings and​ ​book a consultation here​!

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