By Carolyn

March 25, 2020

​Right now is a challenging time for all of us​, as we face ​further wedding and event postponements, business closures, layoffs, and illness and loss. If your wedding is being postponed, cancelled, or you are facing job loss ​or other financial impacts, my heart goes out to you this week. ​I encourage everyone to try and support each other as best you can through this difficult time. (​I will update the blog ​soon with what I am doing in my business.) But in an effort to be useful, I'd love to keep talking this week about wedding flowers​, and in particular, ​wedding budgeting. Setting a budget for your wedding can seem overwhelming​, especially if ​you don't know how much things cost. ​But this week, I'll share tips for crafting a reasonable budget and sticking to it.

wedding budgeting depends on number of people and flowers

Photo by Suzanne Rothmeyer

​I want to ​start by pointing out that ​over half of couples wind up spending more than they originally budgeted for their wedding​. This means that ​there's about a 50/50 chance that you ​​are not starting from a ​realistic ​set of numbers. ​Part of this is a lack of transparency in wedding pricing, which we discussed last week. ​Couples also are unsure what the average spending looks like in their area​. ​They ​might also forget that the "average" includes​ courthouse wedding ​folks who spend almost nothing. ​​Additionally, wedding budgeting websites give everyone the same templates and tools--whether their overall budget is $10,000 or $1,000,000. ​Saying that you should spend 7% on flowers looks VERY different between those two clients! (One of them ​would be a dream client, and the other, I might not be able to help.) 

​Assuming you have a realistic starting place, here are some tips for setting your wedding floral budget and sticking to it:

  • Know Your Numbers: ​Decide ahead of time what you are happy to spend, nervous about spending but it's doable, or ​cannot go over. Adjust budget percentages based on your priorities!
  • Tell Your Florist: Be frank about how much you actually want to spend, so we can design a proposal that fits your budget. We ​can help you brainstorm what to do if we know your numbers!
  • Think About Non-Negotiables: Know where you could cut or move things around and still be happy within budget. If everything is non-negotiable, you might need to take another look at your priorities.
  • Be Flexible: Embrace local seasons for more affordable flowers, and trust your designer to choose flowers that will be beautiful and affordable.
  • Repurpose Flowers: ​​If you're hitting your budget ceiling, think about pieces that can be used in both the ceremony and reception! You'll get "twice" the flowers for the same price.
  • Skip Extras: You'll save money if you can skip a full service floral package and get someone else to pick up your flowers.
  • Rent vs. Buy: Use your weddings pros to source rentals, rather than buying things you may not be able to reuse or resell.

If you want ​help figuring out those realistic numbers, ​and more tips on wedding budgeting, check out this week's PDF. We talk about the average wedding budget, ​what couples spend on average in Seattle, and what that means for you. I'll also provide further resources for you to read about national averages​ updated with 2020 data. There are people tracking and measuring these things--you ​don't have to go it alone! Just enter your e-mail below so I know where to send these resources.

​Budgeting can be ​overwhelming, so please comment here if you have any questions I can ​help with. Or, if you have any other questions you want answered, leave a comment below! Next week, we will talk about the option that strikes fear into every wedding party's heart: DIY flowers! ​And ​whenever you ​start thinking about your wedding, you can read ​some reviews from my couples​ over on WeddingWire​ and book a consultation here!

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